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Guide to Get the Incentives and LED Lighting Rebate by Government.

Get Rebate from Govt

The federal government offer several incentives and rebates for LED lighting. Usage of many energy-efficient LED lighting options qualifies for these rebates and incentives provided by the government for businesses and commercial property owners.

These local and federal incentives and rebates can help offset the cost of installing energy-efficient LED lighting in addition to the savings through lower utility and lesser maintenance costs.

Lighting rebate programs help your budget move forward with an LED retrofit or conversion project. With these incentives, one can save a massive amount of the bulk purchase of LED lights.

Most of the LED lighting rebates require several certifications to qualify, such as the design Light Consortium (DLC), and energy star and all LED lighting products offered by a particular company to indicate the certifications associated with each product.

Installing LED lighting can help you attain LED certification, which can further help you achieve energy-efficient lighting rebates and incentives.

Although each LED rebate program and incentive is unique, there are some common things you will find in all these LED incentive programs-

  • Fixtures must be DLC listed

  • Lamps are energy star certified or DLC tested.

  • Inspection from a utility company program manager is required for performance-based rebates.

  • Pre-approval is required for custom and prescriptive programs.

  • Money available for the programs is often provided ion a first-come, first-serve basis

  • The LED product eligibility can change quickly

These are the most common things found in all the LED lighting rebate programs. All these have to be taken into consideration while getting incentives on LED lighting from the federal government.

There are three types of LED lighting rebate programs offered by LED lighting companies today.

LED Lighting Rebate

Let’s understand these types of rebates so that you can choose the one which is right for you.

  • Perspective lighting rebates

Perspective LED lighting rebates are those incentives that are paid out based on the parameters correlating to the product sold.

The advantage of this rebate program as compared to other rebates is that it has a wider availability, and the rebates are directly available to the users.

These programs are generally straightforward and easy to apply. However, you will still have to pay the upfront costs.

Some perspective programs also offer labour incentives, so if your project has more labour cost, you can benefit from this rebate program.

  • Custom lighting rebates

These rebates offer incentives for the project which do not meet the requirements of the existing perspective rebate programs.

These LED incentive programs may even provide more profitable incentives on the same applications.

Although these rebate programs are quite popular, there are many complexities to sort through to get these incentives.

  • Point of sale lighting rebates

Point of sale rebates is often for specific product types. These types of rebates are generally seen as smaller items that you buy for your home from a retailer.

For example, the local utility company would offer an incentive of $5 on a lamp that costs $12, and the store will charge $7 from you, which is the net-of-rebate price of the product.

LED lighting rebates in 2021

Rebate programs for LED lighting have been stable over the year and remain active in 2021. The LED lighting has dominated the market and has become immensely popular among the users for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

As these lightings penetrate the market, the cost associated with them lowers, and so do the rebate incentives.

Each LED lighting project is different and so are the rebate programs. At Rayz Lighting, we work to create a project that fits your budget.

If you are working on any LED projects this year, make sure to keep an eye on what rebates are available and what may be required to get them.

These LED rebates and incentives are a great way to more with less money, and you should also benefit from them.

You can also increase your sales with these rebates with the help of RebatePro and Rebate assistant tools.

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