About us

LED, being an intelligent revolutionary in the lighting industry is going through major overhauls. We started Rayz Lightings with a vision of sustaining our environment by providing energy-efficient lighting solutions. We strive to reinforce our belief in meeting intelligence in every aspect of our work.

We believe in Integrity, professionalism and transparency. The Customer-Centric approach is practised across the organization, to make sure we meet up with all the needs of a customer without letting distance as the hurdle. We understand the importance of the quality and thus never compromise upon it. We also believe in the concept of sustainability, thus we deliver the finest lightings solutions for Industrial and commercial spaces.

Core Value
Customer Centricity
We focus on setting global standards to meet the highest expectations of the very aware consumer. It's in our DNA to focus on delivering customer delight that has a positive influence rather than on just selling products. We understand the need for after services to be given to the customer.
Quality assurance
We believe in Quality. It is one parameter that we never compromise upon. Our world-class team of engineers and production experts helps us to deliver unique, customized lighting solutions to meet customer needs. We ensure the finest products are delivered to our customers, which has helped us in rapidly gaining the reputation globally.
The core concept of Rayz Lighting Inc is to provide sustainable lighting solutions to our valuable customer. Using this positive approach towards the revolution in the lighting industry, we promise the bright future for those who choose our smart and intelligent products over the traditional lights.
We envision a world in which people can choose from a wide range of ever-evolving lighting products and technologies that enable them to intelligently control and enhance their "Quality of Light", while also offering greater energy-efficiency and sustainable use of our precious energy resources.
Rayz Lighting Inc's mission is to enable energy-efficient lighting solution to be successful and grow into the ever-evolving world of lighting needs. We truly believe in "SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY" and as we envision the world free of Harmful lighting solution. We want all our customers to SAVE MONEY by adapting Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Lighting Solutions.