About Rebate Program

Your Key to a Better Return

The Rebate Program is all about SAVINGS. Each state and corresponding utilities are indirectly funding the transition to LED and encouraging everyone to "SAVE ENERGY" and "SAVE ENVIRONMENT" by offering a hefty REBATE for using energy efficient lightings. This program is specially designed to save the energy consumed each year by replacing your current traditional lightings with LED luminaries. No need to alter the current light output of your business. By upgrading to LED Lights, you can save up to 50%-70% of the total electricity consumption. This way you can "SAVE MONEY" too. Switching to LED Lightings will not only improve the lighting quality but will also invigorate the aesthetics of your business.

Our Process

  1. Learn about steps to reduce energy consumption and save money.
  2. Connect: Email ([email protected]). Our expert will provide the instant consultation.
  3. Onsite Inspection: Get an appointment with our experts and consult about your needs and fixtures. Our aim is to understand how your lighting needs align with our proposed LED lighting solution.
  4. The Proposal: With the help of a close in-depth examination a proposal will be generated with overall cost and estimated saving.
  5. The Approval: Once the proposal is confirmed and documents are submitted, our experts will handle the process by getting REBATE approved.
  6. The Installation: Our teams will install the LED Lights according to all relevant energy use codes. We make sure to lessen the disruption during the installation process.
  7. Enjoy The Benefits: Relax and enjoy the lighting solution with no UV Radiation, no Mercury and more attractive, environment-friendly & cost-efficient lighting system.
  8. Save Money: Start saving the energy cost instantly. Pay the lesser amount compared to your previous electricity bills. Enjoy the perks of the REBATE PROGRAM too.

Maximizing Your Rebates

Make sure that you are maximizing the rebate benefits; it takes specific project planning and close attention to get the most cash possible. Rebates can be influenced from region to region, and program to program. There are various variables which affect rebate eligibility and the final amount you will be receiving. Here are some of the significant ways to maximize you rebate.

How Rayz Lighting helps you?

  • Opt for the right system - Equipment that might be marginally expensive can help maximize the rebate. It is commonly observed that rebates also differ from region to region, qualified rebates in one region might be ineligible in another.
  • Negotiation - Sometimes a rebate program does not cover the energy efficiency program you are planning to undertake. For these types of projects, negotiations can be necessary to secure the rebate and maximize the cash benefit.
  • Right on schedule - Installation is a dynamic process that requires timely scheduling while allowing for pre-approval and inspection may vary widely. Timing of the project is pivotal for eligibility since each state rebate program has a fixed budget and can run off with little notification.
  • Monetary benefits- Various lucrative bonus programs are offered by utilities and states varying between 20-50%

Making Rebates Simple

It is a complex process to find out the relevant rebates, research, optimize and implement them for businesses across United States. Even if you have identified the rebate program, there is still a lot to deal with like providing the technical data, filling out paper work, lengthy calculations and constant follow up with the rebate program staff which is confusing and time consuming.

Partnering with specialized support makes your work more precise eliminating confusion and hassle. Get your work done by experts and make sure you get the most money possible.

How Rayz Lighting helps you?

  • Qualifies best suited rebate program for your projects.
  • Proper analysis with demonstrated calculations to maximize your potential rebate dollars.
  • Taking care of paperwork.
  • Proper negotiation ensures that the preferred solution gets the necessary rebates.
  • Experts taking care of immediate in slot for pre-approval and pre-inspections.