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180W - LED Gas Station Canopy Light

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SKU: SNC5070

  • This 150W LED Gas Station canopy light can replace up to 400W of any metal-halide or sodium-potassium light bulb.0 You save 60% of energy. 5000k and 5700k Color Temperature: Available in daylight color temperature, our LED Gas Station Canopy fixture is ideal for use as an outdoor lighting fixture, providing an intense level of brightness to eliminate the dark spots and to make you feel secure.    


  • LED Gas Station Canopy has 120 degree beam angle. This beam angle is neither too wide, nor too narrow, hence good for illuminating big spaces but with a lesser intensity than in case of “very wide beam angles”.       


  • Die-cast aluminum metal body and impact-resistant,IP65 waterproof rate for outdoor wet locations. Effectively eliminates any unwanted heat generated during the normal operation of the light bulb.


  • This canopy light starts instantly when turned on thus providing you with superior lighting experience than any conventional lighting fixture.


  • Lasting for 75,000 hours, this lighting fixture can be kept on for 24 hours -- a distinct advantage over the traditional lighting fixtures.


  • This 150W LED Gas Station canopy light comes with an internal driver IP65 rated to enable dust & moisture resistance.


  • Very low or no maintenance required for as long as the lighting fixture lasts, up to a minimum of 75,000 hours. Thus, no costs of maintenance or replacement as incurred in case of conventional metal-halides.


  • A 5 years of warranty provided from the manufacturer’s end to provide you with a completely risk-free use of the 150W LED Gas Station canopy light.


  • The certification of this product from UL lets you avoid fire and shock hazards, the Design lighting Consortium approved may make you eligible for certain rebates.


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