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Check Your Eligibility for Connecticut LED Rebates

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Whether you are looking to restore your core or outer retail lighting, there is an energy-saving cure regardless of the application you are using. And deductions and rebates assist to equalize the bounty price of lighting, rendering energy-conserving lighting appliances and bulbs a cost-effective alternative.

Receive reimbursements on eligible alternate lights promptly at partaking distributors.

Discovering the favorable energy-efficient lighting solution is simple now. We work with companies to facilitate the ample energy-efficient lighting technologies accessible and prepare them inexpensively through the Express Service Lighting Rebate strategy. You have permitted rebates for a broad spectrum of lighting, encompassing T8 and T5 systems, LED Systems, exit signs, lighting controls and LED lights.

ENERGY STAR-insured retail light applications consume 75 percent less power and last almost 10-50 times more than incandescent lighting. Also, authorized faucets generate low heat, which lessens heating gears. LED choices furnish optimal accuracy lighting for retail applications.

If you’re a Connecticut electric consumer and have your electricity provided by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P), you can put up with the benefit of numerous energy-efficiency reimbursements and energy-efficiency assistance that are formulated to assist you to curtail monthly electric bill expenses.

Energy-Efficiency Rebates and Services in Connecticut

All commercial and residential electric consumers in the utility’s assistance province are eligible for energy-conserving proposals, even if they acquire their electricity from another supplier like- Spark Energy.

All proposals are funded by the -Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and conducted by CL&P unless differently reported.

Residence Energy Solutions program

Under the 'HES' project, a consultant will conduct a power inspection of your residence, whether you lease or acquire it, and deliver data on directions you can reduce your electric bills. HES consultants always inquire about how your residence is latched against air leaks, how your applications consume energy, and how productive your lighting is. There are three kinds of 'HES' schemes, comprising a fundamental and developed energy inspection, and an examination for low-income homes.

Quality Installation and Verification program

Not every A.C, heat pump, or furnace has been inducted correctly. ENERGY STAR figures half of all HVAC techniques undergo impoverished execution due to installation problems. The QIV program assures that your HVAC appliance is installed for promising performance and steadfastness, which can directly curtail energy costs, improved steadfastness, longer appliance life, enhanced indoor air condition, and enriched satisfaction.

ENERGY STAR’ authorized retail products

Electric consumers are eligible for rebates on ENERGY STAR’ authorized lighting applications and equipment through the utility’s ENERGY STAR Retail Products programs. The schemes procure retail purposes and reduce, which are assigned on “marked” commodities in shops that have already been lessened. Applications comprise lighting appliances, CFL and LED light bulbs, washing machines, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

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