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Collection: UFO Highbay Lights

The LED UFO High Bay Light is one of the significant indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that has taken the LED lighting industry to new heights. It is the most convenient lighting fixture that illuminates large spaces, such as manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, mega factories, stadiums, parking areas, shopping malls, etc.

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  • 240W LED UFO High Bay Light Fixture

UFO High Bay LED Lighting Usage

LED UFO High Bay lights are equipped with advanced features and functionalities, which gives them an advantage over other high bay light fixtures. The UFO High Bay LED Lightings from Rayz Lightings are designed with solid aluminium and fibre optics, protecting them from harsh environments and enduring longevity. All our High Bay UFO Lights are UL, cUL, and DLC Premium certified, ensuring their credibility to the highest level. Also, you will get an additional five years of warranty on each High Bay UFO Lights.


UFO LED High Bay Light Guide

Lately, LED UFO High Bay lights have become the dominant choice in commercial, industrial and large space establishments. Due to their energy-saving, longer lifespan, low-cost maintenance and reduced electricity bill benefits, many industrial and commercial owners switched to UFO LED High Bay Lights quickly and precisely.

Here is a brief of the UFO High Lights installation process, additional features included and their benefits for your reference.

You can install our UFO LED High Bay lights with the J Hook Mount manner. All you need to do is first finish the wiring process. You need to connect the black wire with the live wire, the white wire with the neutral line, and the green wire with the ground wire. After finishing the wiring, attach the hook hanger (Available in the accessories box) onto the top of the High Bay UFO Lights and hang it with the chain's support with the ceiling hook hanger.

Consider the below height and lumen stats to ensure accurate LED UFO High Bay Lights purchase;

Ceiling height UFO Lumens
15-20 Ft 15000- 19000 Lumens
20-30 Ft 20000 - 29000 Lumnes
30-40 Ft 30000 - 39000 Lumens
40 Ft and Above  40000 Lumens & Above

 For more general information and installation assistance, you can contact us at (888) 729-9533 or write us at sales2@rayzlighting.com.

The most advanced feature is the Color Render Index (CRI) which improves the lighting colour and allows viewers to enjoy an object's basic form. The modern-day, advanced LED consumes 80% less energy than standard lights yet shines brighter. It can easily converse and perform well up to voltage 120-277vac.

As a token of modernity, most of our LED UFO Lights are equipped with Motion Sensor ZH18MF001 (MULTIFUNCTIONAL SENSOR), which allows you to control its functionality with a remote just like you control your AC and TV. So, all in all, the UFO LED High Bay Lights are a better and more intelligent choice for all sorts of large spaces lighting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are UFO High Bays? 

A modern-day UFO-shaped LED light copped with flat integral aluminium housing optics, specially designed to distribute enough lights to the given surface without relying on multiple reflectors. The UFO lights can be easily installed over 20-40ft height with a hook mount or chain. A perfect lighting solution for warehouses, shopping malls, and industrial or commercial spaces.

Q. What are the benefits of using UFO LED High Bays? 

The first and foremost benefit of UFO LED is that it provides ample light from the high ceiling without any decrement in its brightness and contrast. Apart from that, a longer lifespan, low-cost maintenance, weather efficiency, and reduced electricity bills are significant benefits you can count on.

Q. How do I choose the right UFO High Bay? 

Choosing the right LED UFO can be a daunting task, especially when there are a plethora of options in multiple categories available in different prizes. However, many aspects are involved, such as IP ratings, lumen rating, installation process and warranty period. We suggest visiting Rayz Lighting for the most versatile and UL/cUL certified LED UFO High Bay Lights.