Rayz Lightings Inc has always dreamt of the better and brighter tomorrow of the lighting industry. You can count on the extensive knowledge of the Rayz Lighting Inc team in order to obtain local utility rebates and utilize the best-LED solutions to reduce your overall costs. Our World-class, highly qualified team understands the science and art of the Lightings and hence, our services are the combination of Intelligence and Modernity. Our product quality, cost-competitiveness and world-class customer responsiveness make us the preferred, trusted partner to clients worldwide.

WHY LED ????


The LED lighting sources are up to 60-80 % more efficient than the traditional lighting solution such as Fluorescent and Incandescent lights. Also, the average life of a LED Light product is a way more in comparison to the Traditional Lighting Solution. Hence, not only it leverages you the liberty from the frequent changing of the bulbs but, it is cost-effective too.


LED are designed in a way that it contains NO harmful component that may cause the harm to the environment. It doesn't contain MERCURY as well as it is free from UV/IR Radiation. Hence, it is ECO-FRIENDLY in comparison to the traditional lighting Solution.


Excellent colour rendering without the use of any colour filters unlike in traditional lighting methods, LEDs are a great replacement to CFLs. The Controlled focus, Compact Size, Instant Illumination, Dimming options, and Shock Resistance are some of the key features that make it SMART choice.

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"Together, we can efficiently power the world."

Save Energy.
Save Money.

Rayz Lighting Inc is here to help businesses take advantage of all the rebates and incentive programs that exist across the United States and Canada. There are thousands of different rebate programs, which change frequently, finding and capturing these rebates can be a daunting task. We are in a great position to help our customers make the switch to efficient, cost-effective LED lighting. We will walk you through the process, work directly with energy companies to help smooth the road between you and rebates.


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