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Rayz Lighting is in the business of bringing a better and brighter tomorrow in the lighting industry. We understand that LED Lighting has changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting products.

We specialize in all types of business and warehousing lighting.

We do not just provide bulbs but LED Light Fixtures as well.

We are in the lighting business since past 5 years and have helped many businesses change the way they see lighting and have helped them to save the money and bring down the cost of their utility bills.

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions and Industrial Lighting

We also work with the Clean Energy Program in the State of New Jersey, where we can get these businesses rebates on a one for one light fixture towards the purchase of new LED lighting fixtures. The rebates can go from 50% to 90% of the total cost of the light fixtures as well as the installation costs pending on what city or town these businesses are from.

We understand how to handle the paperwork and applications for the NJ rebate program.

Rayz also deals in outdoor lighting for various businesses as well as warehouses.

We also deal in retail stores. We specialize only in commercial businesses and not in the home market. We have single 4 and 8 feet rectangular light fixtures as well as troffers and high bays. All of our lights are of UL and DLC quality.

We offer full inspections for all the businesses and warehouses to count and give the number of their light fixtures.

We make sure to use the top quality lights. We also offer a full 3-year warranty for our services to our customers.