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Collection: LED Shoebox Lights

The Shoebox Light is one of the reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective outdoor lighting solutions in the LED lighting segments. The in-built LED offers a higher lumen output, resulting in better brightness while operating more efficiently using a lower wattage compared to standard outdoor lights. The preferable LED Shoebox Light applications area includes the parking lot, street, indoor and outdoor stadiums, shipyards, commercial places, parks etc. If you are looking for the best-LED Shoebox light fixture, then Rayz Lighting is your one-stop destination. 

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  • 150W LED Shoebox Parking Lot, Street Light with Inbuilt Multifunction Motion Sensor
  • 200W LED Shoebox Area Light - Parking Lot/Street Light
  • 300W LED Shoebox Area Light - Parking Lot/Street Light
  • 300W LED Shoebox Parking Lot, Street Light

Shoebox Light Usage

LED Shoebox Lights are one of the most effective and reliable outdoor lighting solutions. There are many applications areas where you can install Shoebox Lights for better illumination.

The area includes:

  • Parking lots
  • Street Lighting
  • Park area lighting
  • Indoor/outdoor stadiums
  • Commercial area
  • Parking areas
  • Shipyards

Unlike many LED Shoebox light fixtures, Rayz Lighting offers a broad spectrum of LED Shoebox pole lights and LED Shoebox parking lot lights at a cost-effective range to fulfil your outdoor lighting demands.

Shoebox Light Fixture Guide

Due to their solid design, longevity, low-cost maintenance and electricity bill, the shoebox light has been significantly adapted by governments to transform the parking area and street lights from traditional to Shoebox lights. Considering the large areas' additional lighting requirements and power consumption, engineers have equipped all reliable features and configurations, making shoebox lights the leading outdoor parking lot lights.


The shoebox light installation process is also easy and can be done quickly. Still, we suggest you take professional help for a safer installation process.

Although you will find the manual installation guide along with the box, here is some key consideration that you need to pay close attention to while installing the LED pole lights, aka shoebox light.

  • You can start by connecting the AC wire and then insert the arm of the slip fitter into the pole.
  • Then, tighten the screws on the side of the polearm and the switch on to check the smooth function of the LED pole light.

The same procedure can be followed for different sizes of the pole.

For more general information and installation assistance, you can contact us at (888) 729-9533 or write us at sales2@rayzlighting.com.

The most advanced feature is the Color Render Index (CRI) which improves the lighting colour and allows viewers to enjoy an object's basic form. The advanced LED Shoebox consumes 80% less energy than standard lights yet brightens and covers large spaces without affecting performance. It can easily converse and perform well up to voltage 120-277vac.

Our LED Shoebox has DIM+/DIM -Short press to set occupancy light level 50%-100% in MD mode. You can set the target lux level in MP (Motion+Daylight harvesting) mode. The dim status will change 5% each time you press this button.

Most of our Shoebox Lights are equipped with Motion Sensor ZH18MF001 (MULTIFUNCTIONAL SENSOR), which allows you to control its functionality with a remote just like you control your AC and TV. So, all in all, the Outdoor Shoebox Light fixture is a better and more intelligent choice for all outdoor areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Shoebox Light? 

The Shoebox lights are the typical outdoor lights installed on light poles and high ceilings, used to illuminate a large spectrum of areas such as streets, parking lots, parks, stadiums, metro terminals, roadways, commercial malls, etc. The name shoebox reference the rectangle box packing, size and shape of the lighting fixture.

Q. What are the benefits of using LED Shoebox lights? 

The LED Shoebox Light Fixture consumes 80% less energy than the traditional outdoor lights, making it the most energy-saving and cost-efficient outdoor lighting fixture of all. Despite its size, it produces enough brightness to cover a large area, improving the area view, and resulting in lower crime and accident rates.

Q. How do I choose the right Shoebox light? 

Choosing the right LED Shoebox is not at simple as it might sound. Many criteria are involved, such as installation area, IP ratings, Lumens, Wattage, Line voltage, and many more. In that case, we suggest you take professional help and visit Rayz Lighting for the most versatile and UL/cUL/DLC Premium certified Shoebox Lighting Fixture.