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Collection: LED Outdoor Lighting & Wall Pack Lights

Rayz Lighting is ready to shed some brilliant light on great LED outdoor LED lighting savings from our Bridgeport store, just for you! 

We strive to meet all of your residential and commercial outdoor lighting needs. If you need reliable and powerfully bright LED flood lights, we’ve got you covered. Top-of-the-line LED motion sensors are also available. 

For all of our customers who own gas stations, we provide dust and moisture resistant LED gas station canopy lights up to 180 watts that generate over 23,000 lumens. Offering significant energy savings, these LED outdoor lighting options from our Bridgeport team can’t be beat by any conventional lighting fixtures—in cost, energy savings, or even brilliance of light. 

Saving you money while providing high-quality lighting is our priority at Rayz Lighting. Not only will LED outdoor lighting fixtures reduce your utility bills, they last much longer than traditional lighting. Their long-lasting, energy-efficiency equals savings for you. 

Because of the incredible longevity of outdoor LED lighting, it requires much less maintenance and replacement. For business owners, this frees up both time and resources for management teams and employees. Whether you use our Bridgeport company’s LED outdoor lighting and wall pack lights for your home or your business, you will see a noticeable difference in your energy bills. 

Simply put, if you’re looking to light the exterior of your home or place of business, and you want to save money and energy, we have multiple solutions we know you’ll love. Your wallet and our planet will thank you. If you’re curious about what outdoor LED lighting can do for you and your exterior space, don’t hesitate to give Rayz Lighting a call or fill out our contact form. We are happy to provide quality support in any way we can.  

10 products
  • 150W LED Shoebox Parking Lot, Street Light with Inbuilt Multifunction Motion Sensor
  • Remote Control for LED Lights with Motion Sensor
  • 300W LED Shoebox Area Light - Parking Lot/Street Light
  • 200W LED Shoebox Area Light - Parking Lot/Street Light
  • 300W LED Shoebox Parking Lot, Street Light
  • 150W - LED Gas Station Canopy Light
  • 180W - LED Gas Station Canopy Light
  • 55W - LED Surface Mount Canopy Light
  • 30W LED Mini Photocell Sensor Wall Pack Light
  • 80W LED Outdoor Commercial Wall Pack Light