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Remote Control for LED Lights with Motion Sensor

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HD05R Motion Sensor Remote Control

It is fascinating to manage and take complete control of your establishment's LED lights with this HD05R Remote at a sheer distance. The HD05R remote has been a game-changer for the lighting solution lately.

In the LED Light segments, the HD05R Remote can be a great asset.

You can:

  • Program, Control, Manage many LED Light at a sheer distance (Max - 8M)
  • You can increase/decrease the wattage consumption of the light and put it on a standby mode.
  • You can adjust the motion sensor detection and daylight sensor accordingly.
  • You can set the ON/OFF timer, reduce the electricity bill, and avoid extra heat or fire hindrances.

The HD05R Motion Remote has been a revolution in the intelligent lighting segments. It is a modern-day solution well compatible with the latest LED lighting requirements.

About Rayz Lighting:

We at Rayz Lighting hold a wide range of LED Lights in many different categories to fulfill all industrial, commercial and personal lighting requirements. All our LED Lights are copped with advanced features and a Motion Sensor which gives you the advancement to modern lighting solutions.

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