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When it comes to providing commercial and industrial lighting options that are both economical and eco friendly, Rayz Lighting in Paterson, NJ, is truly leading the way. Using the powerful brilliance of LED technology in our industry-favorite lighting selections, Rayz Lighting hopes to have a positive impact on both the environment and our neighbors. We The  LED lighting experts at our Paterson location work with clients each day to provide top-of-the-line lighting options that are convenient, efficient, and lighter on the wallet than traditional bulb choices.

We offer a strong, reliable selection of LED recessed retrofit lights, flood lights, gas station lights, and wall packs that will save you noticeable amounts of money on your energy bills and require less maintenance overall than their older counterparts. 

Rayz Lighting is proud to offer an eclectic LED lighting selection at our Paterson retail location for both exterior and interior lighting. We love to educate and inform our customers on the beneficial aspects of indoor and outdoor LED lighting for commercial and industrial use, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today! We approach our inventory with care, selecting only the most trusted, tried and true models for lighting fixtures available on the market today. We also take extra steps to ensure that our staff is up to date on the latest information regarding advancements in LED technology. As our customer, you can breathe easier knowing that we’re our Paterson LED lighting experts are always working hard to strike a balance between quality and savings.  

We’re happy to report that we can meet all of your Paterson industrial and commercial lighting requirements as code necessitates at our Paterson location, whether they involve LED panels, flood lights, or recessed lighting. We keep our Paterson retail location stocked and staffed for your convenience. Our online store is also available 24/7 for convenient shopping.

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