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240W LED UFO High Bay Light Fixture

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Providing you with a brighter lighting option now and always! The 240W LED UFO high bay light has recently been our best-selling LED light. With multi functionalities and advanced features, this light is designed with the best heat aluminum sink, making it weather resilient and with higher lumen efficiency.

These 240W LED high bay lights come with 36,000Lumens, ideal for industrial lighting, garage lighting, Stadium, outdoor lighting, etc. It has a lifespan of 60,000 hours.


      • Industrial lighting
      • Warehouse lighting
      • Factory lighting
      • Gymnasium lighting
      • Transportation lighting
      • Hospitality lighting
      • Sports center lighting
      • Garage lighting


      This light comes with a five-year manufacturing warranty that resolves your maintenance issue, and the 120-277 VAC and 5700K CTC make it the most used High bay LEDs to produce brighter lights to massive areas.

      As a token of modernity, these lights come with ZH18MF001 (MULTIFUNCTIONAL SENSOR), which Remote can control within a sheer distance. Now, you have control over the lighting of your area within your fingertips.

      You know where to get such products! So without wasting any time, place your order by enriching Ryaz Lighting, which offers excellent services and safe installation of these LED lights. To learn more about our LED Lighting solutions, visit https://www.rayzlighting.com/products.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How to Calculate the Numbers of 240W UFO LED High Bay Lights?

      The calculation might vary between multiple parameters such as the installation areas' height, width, length, and total size of the illuminance. However, we recommend using lighting software like DIALux, and AGI32 for accurate measures.

      Do 240W LED UFO High Bay Lights Comes with a Motion Sensor?

      Yes! The 240W LED UFO High Bay Lights we have at Rayz Lighting is equipped with ZH18MF001 (MULTIFUNCTIONAL SENSOR), which can be controlled by a remote within a sheer distance.

      How Many Square Feet of Floor Space would One Light Cover?

      On average, our 240W LED UFO High Bay Lights are designed to cover 30x30 space.

      What Additional Items I will Get along with the 240W LED UFO High Bay Light?

      Along with the 240W LED UFO Light, the box includes J-Hook, 6ft Power Cord, 6ft Safety Harness Cable, and Multifunction Sensor.

      Is the Remote Included in the box, or Do I have to Buy it Separately?

      No, the multi-sensor remote is not included in the box, and you have to order it separately from: https://www.rayzlighting.com/products/smart-sense-remote-control-for-ufo-high-bay-zhaga-book-18-multifunction-sensor.

      Where can We Install 240W LED UFO High Bay Light?

      You can install 240W LED UFO High Bay Light in Industrial lighting, Warehouse, Factory lighting, Gymnasium, Transportation, Hospital, Sports Centre, and Garage area.

      At What Height can Install this 240W LED UFO High Bay Light?

      You can install this 240W LED UFO High Bay Light within 30ft to 45ft high.

      Is This Light Waterproof?

      Yes, this 240W UFO High Bay light is weather efficient and can withstand hazardous conditions.


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