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1ft X 4ft LED Linear High Bay Light, 220W

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SKU: JJL5012

  • Rayz Lighting LED Linear High bay Light features a slim design and cost effective lighting ideal for commercial and industrial high bay application. It has 28,600 of LED lumens that efficiently light up your space. The High bay lights have a much greater lighting capability per square foot than ordinary lights.

  • The Linear High bay are 0-10v Dimmable Fixture is energy saving that consumes far less energy than conventional florescent lighting fixtures. The lights are dimmable to your preferred conditions.

  • Design & Function Compatibility of the Warehouse Hanging Led Light are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are designed and built to last. The lights are made from lightweight aviation aluminum that makes a robust cover, expertly designed to disperse heat ensuring lengthy ON time. The lights are easy to install, they come with a v shaped hook for easy hanging onto the building ceiling.

  • The High Bay Led Lights have a solid robust construct that make them suitable for use in industrial and commercial use. These LED linear bay light fixtures are the perfect solution for commercial lighting needs in garages, warehouses, gym, shop, manufacturing space and large retail spaces.

  • Rayz Lighting LED Linear High Bay Light offers a 5 years warranty and a great customer service which you can contact before or after your purchase for best experience.

  • Motion Sensor can be attached to the High bay fixture for more saving.



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