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Save Energy & Cost by Enabling a Motion Sensor in Your Commercial LED Lighting Fixture!

Save Energy & Cost by Enabling a Motion Sensor in Your Commercial LED Lighting Fixture!

Commercial Motion Sensor - Overview!

A motion sensor, profoundly known as a Motion detector, mounted in a LED light fixture is an advanced electronic device that utilizes a sensor to detect living things or objects.

An LED with a motion sensor can be controlled through a remote from a distance.

You can call LED lights with motion sensors an innovative or modern-day lighting solution that is now widely popular because of its smart configurations.

Motion sensor LED lights have become integral to many households and vast establishments, whether indoor, street light parking areas or commercial spaces.

These commercial motion sensors on light fixtures can help you:

  • Save energy by powering lights in an area only when needed
  • Sends a quick alert when any burglar or unknown living thing enters restricted areas
  • Meet modern code requirements.

Types of Motion Sensors

Generally, four primary motion sensors currently rule the LED lighting segments.

Passive Infrared or PIR Sensor

A Passive Infrared or PIR sensor is an electronic sensor that measures the infrared light radiation emitted from objects.

It identifies movement by detecting differences in infrared radiation using a pyroelectric chip.

A Fresnel lens directs energy toward the sensor from a wide range and then creates distinct radial zones of detection so that the field of view of PIR sensors is not continuous.

Motion is detected when an object (f.e. a vehicle) emitting a different level of heat radiation enters the background within the parameters.

The lens detects the heat from the object on the pyroelectric chip, creating an electric signal that is manipulated and transferred via control circuitry to the output level of the luminaire.

Active Infrared

Active IR sensors emit and detect infrared radiation and have two pieces (Infrared light emitted from one piece reflects on the other).

Active IR sensors act as proximity sensors and are primarily used in obstacle detection systems.

It is insensitive to mechanical and acoustic noise, unlike the PIR sensor.

Microwave Sensor

A microwave sensor is an electromagnetic radiation motion-detecting device that operates luminaires.

It works differently from PIR sensors, sending out microwave waves radiating off different surfaces and returning to a detector sensor.

Microwave sensors identify movement within the set range by analyzing this data and sending quick and efficient reports.

Multifunctional Sensor

A Multifunctional motion sensor is equipped with various sensors that emit and detect living thing body temperature upon coming under its radiation and illuminates it accordingly.

It is auto-operatable and can be controlled remotely from a reliable distance. Most multifunctional sensor-based LED light fixtures are installed outdoors, such as in parking areas, parking lots, street lights, etc.

Motion Sensor Work Cycle Explained

When a commercial motion sensor detects motion, it alerts your security system and helps you verify the object quickly from a decent distance.

Indoor Lights

Motion-detecting sensors LED lighting fixtures ensure the same advantage inside the home as outside.

With internal PIRs, lighting your hallways and corridors becomes much more manageable, turning the lights on when movement or heat is detected.

It saves your electricity cost, Maintainance charges, and effort efficiently.

Outdoor Lights

Most outdoor LED lights are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. In contrast, outdoor lighting motion sensors can work at temperatures between -22°F and 145°F.

These lights also have a high dust and humidity resistance with a range between 33' to 98'.

Street Lights

The motion-detector street lighting system automatically activates when a car or any living thing surpasses its range.

It can comprehensively sense moving objects in 32.8ft with 150 degrees range, providing high-end security and convenience.

Warehouse Lights

Compared to residential and other areas, Warehouse spaces use a lot of light, making it the best space to use motion sensor LED lights to save energy and utility costs.

Fixtures are ideal for warehouse lighting as they are motion sensor-based and available in multiple wattages and outputs.

Bay Lights

Bay lights comprise two forms - high bay and low bay. High bay lighting is used in ceilings ranging from 12-40 feet in height from the floor and is above 100 watts (Industrial & Commercial spaces).

Low bay lighting is used in the ceiling under 15-20 feet in height from the floor and is below 100 watts (Residential).

Motion sensors based on high bay lights eliminate the risk of more energy consumption and help prevent burglars and accidents while saving electricity bills.

Benefits of using Motion Sensors

LED lights with motion sensor is a futuristic combination that will bring many changes to their usage and maintenance. Some of the essential benefits are as follows:

Energy Efficient

LED lights with motion sensor turn in upon sensing active bud temperature and gets off the rest of the time.

This single handle saves enough energy and helps you reduce your electric usage cost. Most importantly, you don't have to deal with lights on/off while not in use.

Increase Convenience

Suppose you are entering a dark room or you have visitors doing the same; finding the lighting switch inevitably becomes challenging.

But if you have LED lights installed with an active motion sensor, you can comprehensively avoid such hindrances.

It helps you detect animals & burglars

The Outdoor LED lights with motion sensor is definitely a wise move for your residential or commercial surroundings.

Because at night, when unwanted living things enter your parameters and come under those motion-sensor lights, it will automatically brighten up and reveal their identity.

How Can Rayz Lighting help you?

We are a Bridgeport-based LED lighting service provider with a large inventory of LED lighting fixtures to fulfill your lighting needs.

We understand the current market needs and how technology advances with the latest motion sensor-based LED commercial LED lighting solutions.

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