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How Rebate Programs Are Responding to COVID-19

How Rebate Programs Are Responding to COVID-19 - Rayz lighting INC

We are in the midst of a crisis in our lives because of the spread of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 outbreak has adversely affected almost every sector of the economy differently. Whether it’s remote working, increased safety precautions, or the temporary shutdown of many businesses, everyone is dealing with this Coronavirus outbreak.

In times like this, we wanted to provide insight into how the rebate programs are being affected by the pandemic.

  • Some rebate programs are taking pre-approved applications for projects

We received lot of emails from utilities with updates in their program over the past few weeks. A majority of programs are taking pre-approval and final rebate applications for projects.

Most companies have implemented remote working or reduced staff due to the Coronavirus crisis, and therefore, final applications may take longer. If you are currently working on a project or thinking of one this year, give yourself time for the approval process.

  • Many programs have changed the inspection requirements

Some rebate programs conduct pre or post-inspection as a part of their rebate process. Many rebate have changed the way they do the inspection. Some programs ask for photos of the equipment to verify rather than sending an inspector.

Other programs conduct video calls to verify projects and approve them. The programs are trying to limit all-in-one activity, so if you are working on a project, make sure to provide more documentation.

  • There are no changes in the program deadlines

We have not yet seen many announcements changing program end dates or offering automatic extensions for projects that have been pre-approved. For program end dates, we recommend that these will not change and plan accordingly.

If you already have pre-planned projects and need an extension, most rebate programs are flexible, and you will have to keep the program administrators in the loop.

  • It would help if you did not forget your projects

Keeping in mind the current situation, it’s easy to overlook a rebate application, but if you are pre-approved and have finished the project, don’t forget to submit the final rebate paperwork and invoices.

If you think you can’t finish it in time, make sure to file for an extension.


We are here to help you!


We are working remotely and making sure to keep track of all your projects. We are trying our possible best to be there for our clients, even in this crisis. We make sure to stay on top of deadlines, approvals, and ensure that the rebate programs are going on smoothly.

We will help you by reaching out to you if we need to file the extension and will work with the utility if your projects get delayed.

If you have a new project, we suggest you start the approval process earlier than usual. Pre-approvals can get canceled, and it’s preferable to begin soon. If you need help with any project, reach out to us, and we will assist you further.