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IP65 LED Lights - What is it, and What are the Best IP65 Lighting Options Available For Use!

IP65 Rated LED Lighting Solutions

In the last couple of years, the popularity and usage of LED lights have increased immensely worldwide. Whether indoor (Home, office, garage, stores) or outdoors (stadiums, parks, streets), you will see various designs and models of LED lights installed, illuminating a vast space constantly without any hassle in all three seasons.

But have you all ever wondered how this electrical equipment can resist so much heat, cold, water and moisture and still hasn't degraded their performances.

Is it only the outer material they are made of or any other features that help them stand out, performing well through the year? Well, It's their IP65 rating! And that's the catch point of our blogs here.

In this blog, we will help you determine what is IP65 rating and which LED lights are considered high-quality IP65 rated as per LED lighting experts.

So, at first,

What is IP65 LED Light? 

The acronym of IP is Ingress Protection, which defines the protection level of electrical devices against water, moisture, dust and other solid objects.

The 6 in Ingress Protection refers to the dust and solid objective protection level of the LED lights, and 5 indicates the LED lights' water and moisture level protection.

Hense, the IP65 fixture enabled LED lights are considered the ideal outdoor lighting solutions. Most lights installed in streets, park areas, gymnasiums, and shipyards are IP65 rated LED lights.

And for your recognition, here are a few top listed IP65 rated waterproof LED lights that you can buy from Rayz Lighting at your convenience.

IP65 LED Shoebox Lights 

Whenever there is a debate over the best IP65 LED outdoor lights amongst expert ad users, IP65 LED Shoebox lights will come first in their preferences.

The shoebox light is arguably one of the best outdoor lighting solutions in recent times. It's been highly recommended and used in a large spectrum such as stadiums, parking areas, parks, streets, gymnasiums, commercial and industrial spaces, etc.

Easy to mount and install, the shoebox lights consume 80% less energy than traditional lights, making them energy-efficient, running approximately 60000 hrs, and stand throughout the years without compromising their performances.

IP65 LED Flood Light 

The name itself indicates the usage of this light. The LED floodlights are one of its kind waterproof LED lights, which you can see installed in shipyards, flood areas, and those generally affected by consistent water moisture.

However, despite the regular interaction with water and moisture, these lights provide excellent illumination, consume less energy, and run for an extended period without much trouble. You can install our LED floodlights in your pool and garden area as well.

IP65 LED Canopy Light 

Have you ever noticed the round-shaped LED lights installed over the gas station, railway station and metro station ceilings? Well, those lights are called canopy lights.

These lights are made with solid fibre and aluminium material from the outside, protecting them from dust and water.

.Also, the feature-rich configuration installed inside makes its reliability, brighter, energy and cost-efficient preciously. 

Its more luminous illuminations increase the security and visibility of the area for the greater good.

IP65 LED Wall Pack Light 

You might have seen LED Wall pack lights installed on basement walls, backyards, garages, parking areas etc.

These lights are powerfully designed with fiber and aluminum materials, making them all-weather resilient with ample illumination in hazardous locations.

Our list of wall pack lights is cost and energy-efficient, making it the best alternative for

standard metal halide lighting.

IP65 LED UFO High Bay Light 

The LED UFO High Bay Lights are round-shaped, or UFO-shaped, lights illuminate large application areas such as manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, mega factories, stadiums, parking areas, shopping malls, etc.

 It comes with a hooked ceiling mount option where you can install it over 15 to 45ft and still get ample lighting that covers a vast space.

This IP65 rated light is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor if you are looking for reliable, low-cost maintenance and weather efficient lighting fixtures.

All these lights are leading outdoor lighting solutions in their respective categories and are available in the highest quantity.

Moreover, you will get installation assistance and a five-year warranty on each product once you place your order accordingly.

Bottom Line 

Gone are those days of traditional heavy materialistic, high energy consumption standard lights.

Now, the digital era's primary lighting choice is LED lights. LED lights have indeed changed the lighting prospects, and with each technological advancement, it's getting better and more reliable in our daily lighting usage.

However, the most significant aspect is how efficiently we are making good use of these lights in their respective application areas and benefit from their configurations.

For the best-LED lighting solutions, contact Rayz Lighting now!