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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Best LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station!

Guide to Choose GAS Station Light

The canopy ceiling lights have improved dramatically over the years and have taken over the traditional lighting solutions like metal halide/ pulse start, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

The canopy light has several benefits over these conventional lighting solutions as they are more popular, cost-effective, and energy-efficient.

The LED 180W Surface Mount Canopy Light is a perfect solution for places such as gas stations as it will enhance the environment of the area by giving it a safe, bright and welcoming atmosphere.

The outdoor canopy lights can be installed at vertical surfaces such as pumps, pillars, canopy edges, and exterior walls.

If you are planning to convert your existing metal halide or high-pressure sodium over to LED canopy lights, there are a few things you should know to make your conversion to LED simpler.

Why convert to LED canopy lights?

There are many factors for converting to LED canopy lights, depending on the applications and purpose of using the canopy lights. There are several spaces where you can use Canopy LED lighting solutions, such as for Gas station lighting, etc.

LED canopy lights give you a bright and clear light that will brighten up the gas station and make it safe from any accidents. An outdoor canopy light is one of the best solutions for your ceiling canopy.

Having bright 55W Canopy Outdoor light is best because

  • It increases visibility from the street and improves customer flow

  • Improves the brand image

  • Increases security of the space

  • It has lower operational costs

  • Lower maintenance costs

What are the types of canopy lights?

The canopy lights come under three different variants. However, we only recommend two options for businesses.

About 85% of the gas stations use LSI canopy lighting fixtures with metal halide lamps which range from 250 to 400 W. the typical industry brightness standard has a high output of 150 watts, 131 lumens per watt, 19,630-lumens output canopy light. This is the brightest metal halide canopy light out there.

The different types of canopy lights are following

  • Surface Mount – These lights are either square or round fixture styles. LED surface mount fixtures to have a lower profile height than the sodium or metal halide canopy lights.

  • Recessed Mount – These styles of lights are the ones which are typically used at gas stations.

  • High Power Canopy Lights – These lights are generally preferred when the customers require lights with more power and lumen. These lights can replace up to 1000 watts of metal halide.

  • Low Bay Style Canopy Lights – This is relatively a new style of canopy light which combines the esthetics and power of low bay lighting for the canopy lighting. These lights can change colors, so you don't have to worry about the lights' color temperature.

How to choose the right optic and distribution pattern fort the canopy lights?

Canopy lights are generally mounted at lower heights, and they don't have to deal with structural beams either. Getting the right light distribution in a gas station lighting or any other canopy outdoor space makes space look inviting, safe and well lit.

To give your area a fantastic look and feel, you need to decide on the right optic and distribution pattern. There are two main options for this- specific beam angles or industry-standard type distribution.

You can use a specific beam angle when you have a low ceiling. You can use this for a 120, 150 or 180n degree distribution pattern.

Under the standard type distribution pattern, common distribution patterns come under type 3 and type 5.


Discussed above were some of the essential things and information you need to know about canopy lights and its functioning. LED lighting solution has been so much in demand these days as it has taken over the traditional lighting solutions, and therefore, there is a rise in the demand for canopy lights.

If you are looking forward to installing 55w canopy outdoor lights or canopy surface mount 180w lights for a clear, bright light and lively atmosphere of the place, Rayz Lighting Inc. is a trustworthy distributor of high-quality canopy lighting solutions. You can get in touch with us, and we will serve you with the best lighting solutions in town. Just reach out to us soon and let us light up your life a bit.