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Why should Business Owners Pay Close Attention to CRI - Color Rendering Index!

Color Rendering Index (CRI)











Colors are directly proportional to our conscious mind. Our retina moves automatically towards a brighter object within a fraction of a second, even at a longer distance. The same thing happens during grocery shopping.

The stuff with more color contrast attracts more than the lighter one. Considering this fact, retail and supermarket owners should pay more attention to installing relevant CRI (Color Rendering Index) integrated LEDs in their retail/supermarket stores.

If you are unaware of the importance of CRI, then this blog is a guiding light for you. Here, we will cover the essential information about:

  1. What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)?
  2. How does CRI matters in the Retail Business?
  3. Importance of CRI in Supermarket
  4. Key Points Considering Right Supermarket Lighting
  5. How Can Rayz Lighting Help You Choose the Best LED for your Retail Store?
  6. Final Thoughts

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)?

The Color Rendering Index(CRI) measures objects' natural and realistic colors compared to sunlight. It is a tool that calculates the accuracy level of the color of a thing/object out of 100 and provides valuable information.

Based on the accuracy level, retail owners can install more suitable lights in their retail store for better illustration.

The CRI tool has advanced functionalities that separate the color index of lights with different ratings and accuracy levels.

I.e., Light sources with a CRI between 80~90 percent are EXCELLENT, and below 75% are considered low quality.

Retail owners can invest more preciously in their stores' lighting for a better customer purchasing experience based on the ratings.

How does CRI Matters in the Retail Business?

Usually, Retail stores are built in vast spaces. To capture every product shelve of every corner, installing excellent CRI rating lights should be on top priority for every retail owner. Also, brighter lighting helps the customer identify products more accurately, even from a long distance.

Business owners who have been in the retail industry for a long time do not need any guidance on the importance of perfect lighting to show off their products. They know the importance of good lighting and how it attracts buyers fairly.

Small or mid-sized, creating an engaging and attractive retail outlet requires full attention on brighter lights and enough space for buyers to roam around comfortably.

The difference between traditional fluorescent lighting and LED CRI rating lighting can be identified in the picture below.

Supermarket Lighting Solutions


Importance of CRI in a Supermarket

Unlike many, any supermarket's fruits and vegetable section feels crowded during shopping hours. The owner's sense of responsibility is to install brighter CRI rated LED lights to make the fruit and vegetables look fresher than unusual.

As stated above, the brighter the object, the higher the chance of picking it up by the buyers on the first go. The same applies to the meat section as well.

So, to see both sections crowded, a good CRI rating LED installation is necessary for every retail owner.

The below picture of before and after differs the looks of fruits in traditional lights and CRI rated LED lights:

Key Points Considering Right Supermarket Lighting

We have already mentioned the importance of lighting fruits and vegetables in a supermarket. How does it help those objects look fresh, and how come owners benefit from it. Adding more critical points on proper supermarket lighting, let's look at some other aspects of how it can be helpful to supermarket owners.

      1. Enhances Customer's Visual Aspects

It is a no-brainer fact that customer does get attracted by good lighting. Perfect lighting enhances customers' visual aspects and makes them stay longer and buy more products than usual.

     2. Advantageous to Meat- Products

Your meat section needs to look afresh amidst attracting buyers. By installing excellent rated CRI LEDs, you will be able to maximize the brightness of your meat section, giving a fresh look. Apart from the fresh look, the point to consider is that high CRI rated LEDs have an antibacterial effect on foodborne pathogens.

     3. Cold-Storage Friendly

LED lights are much more advanced than traditional lights, and designed with the latest technology have made them more heat resilient to cold storage than ever before. By installing excellent cold-storage-friendly LEDs inside your freezer, your customer will get a clear vision of the inside products.

    4. Improves Counter Area Productivity

Your counter area is the most important and busy area that needs sheer lighting all the time. Not only for your customer to get a clear view during billing but for your accountants for better scanning of products and perfect billing.

Note: Too much contrast might hurt customers as well accountants' eyesight. Consider using warm white light in the account section.

    5. Improves ROI

Along with lighting, the presentation of your products, including food, veggies needs to be well decorated. Only then, lighting spread over those products will adhere to attractiveness. Well presented with relevant lighting around positively drags customers' attention. Hense, supermarket grabs more positive feedback, which leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

How Can Rayz Lighting Help You Choose the Best LED for your Retail Store?

The above elaboration has stated the importance of CRI rated LEDs in a retail store and attracting buyers. As you are the one who will make the final call, we suggest you take expert guidance while making the purchase.

With numerous other lighting stores available to fulfill your needs, Rayz Lighting service can best suit your budget and needs. Considering the quality assurance adherence to CRI ratings, Rayz Lighting provides a wide range of LED lights at a reasonable price.

Keeping in mind the retail lighting requirements and maintenance, we help you hassle-free throughout the process (Purchasing to installation to care).

Final Thoughts

Gone are those days of traditional fluorescent lights that have minimal impact on products neutrality. LEDs are now ruling the lighting sector with built-in advancements in technology, providing cost-efficient, energy-saving solutions.

LEDs indeed have revolutionized the lighting sector. Installing top-rated CRI LEDs makes your retail store more attractive and your products appealing, which will straightly go into buyers' shopping bags.