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Why Should You Choose Rayz Lighting LED High Bay Lights?

LED High Bay Lights

Like many other prospects, choosing the best lighting fixture for any establishment has become a challenging task these days. All thanks to the rapidly evolving technology and innovation! Nowadays, buyers have become wise and are making intelligent purchases. And why not? There are many options available from different sources, and ultimately, they are the ones who have the cards to put their faith in a product. So why not compare before buying?

But, out of this buying, selling, and comparing games, one thing is certain when you have a healthy track record of providing the best products over the years and carry a good rating, your chances of getting short-listed in the buyers' list become inevitable. It is an undeniable fact! And to respect that fact, why not give buyers a more inside-out view of your product to help them know better about your product offerings, so they leave with no doubt for their next lighting purchase?

So, to all the LED lighting fixture buyers out there, here are:

Top 5 reasons to choose our LED High Bay lighting fixture:

Although there are many reasons why you must pick LED over any traditional fluorescent light at any given time, here are the five best points which should put a full stop to the discussions.

IP65 Rated - Rayz's LED High Bay Light, backed by the IP65 rating. The IP is a crucial feature of modern s day's high bays LED lights, where IP stands for Ingress Protection. The number 6 signifies the highest levels of dust proof, and 5 signifies the waterproof level of the light. Moreover, all our high bay led lights are equipped with an excellent corrosion-resistant black finish, making them stylish and efficient. These two high levels of protection make the light withstand any indoor and outdoor locations, including high-saline environments like the beach and seashore, where water has high salt content.

CRI Index - The acronym of CRI is the Color Render Index which significantly has improved the color balancing capabilities of LED high bay lighting fixtures. By integrating these advanced features, we have made our LED high bay lights more reliable and user-friendly in objectifying stuff in their natural sunlight color. As a result, users in shopping malls and factory laborers won't find it difficult to pick things and products without omitting originality. A well and highly needed feature for all high bay LED lights have improved our lights compatibility amongst business owners and shoppers.

Certified Lights - When it comes to feature testing and certification, we switch on our no-compromise mode to achieve the highest level of credibility. All our High Bay LED light fixtures are UL/cUL certified. We have added five years of manufacturing warranty to each product, making it a more reliable LED lighting purchase for you. If you plan to use our LED High Bay lighting products, such as UFO LED High Bay Lights, you will be rewarded with these benefits.

Motion Sensor - If not all, many of our LED high bay lighting fixtures are equipped with motion sensor ZH18MF001 (MULTI FUNCTIONAL SENSOR). This motion sensor is a highly advanced and newly added feature that works after measuring the body temperature of living things. F.e., if a living thing, a human or any animal, passes through these lights, it will brighten up automatically to help them get the most transparent view, and the rest of the time, it will stay low-key. Isn't it a fantastic feature to control lighting usage and electricity bills?

Easy & Quick Installation - Last and foremost essential prospects of our LED High Bay lights are the installation process. Talking specifically about UFO LED High Bay Lights, you will get installation equipment in the accessories box are a J Hook mount cap, 6FT power cord, 6FT safety harness cable, and multi function sensor. The light is super easy to set up and install within a chain or pipe from your ceiling. Once installed, it offers to brighten lighting from 15-45 ft above, covering a decent space of your business area.

Additional Features:

Apart from the primary benefits, here are some additional benefits of buying Rayz's reliable High Bay LED light fixtures are:

Longer Lifespan - All our High Bay Lights come with an extended lifespan of 50000 to 60000 hours, six times better than traditional LED lights (10-15000 hours). It increases lighting efficiency and helps you save regular maintenance and buying costs. Once installed, it will run for more than five years without demanding repair or replacement. A value for money lighting fixtures, always!

Weather efficiency - We have already mentioned the IP65 rating and how it helps in protecting the fixtures from dust, water, and moisture. Above all, all our LED lighting fixtures are made from solid fiber and aluminum coats, making them the strongest and all-weather resilient lighting equipment compared to others.

Bottom Line:

So, here we come to the final summarization of this topic on why one should prefer Rayz Lighting over any other company for High Bay LED light fixtures. We have listed many reasons above for what makes our lighting fixtures the best ones compared to those available in the market. Now it is up to you and your basic requirements. Remember, we are always there for you to guide and lead you to make the best choice.

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