Making Rebates Simple

It is a complex process to find out the relevant rebates, research, optimize and implement them for businesses across United States. Even if you have identified the rebate program, there is still a lot to deal with like providing the technical data, filling out paper work, lengthy calculations and constant follow up with the rebate program staff which is confusing and time consuming.

Partnering with specialized support makes your work more precise eliminating confusion and hassle. Get your work done by experts and make sure you get the most money possible.

How Rayz Lighting helps you?

  • Qualifies best suited rebate program for your projects.
  • Proper analysis with demonstrated calculations to maximize your potential rebate dollars.
  • Taking care of paperwork.
  • Proper negotiation ensures that the preferred solution gets the necessary rebates.
  • Experts taking care of immediate in slot for pre-approval and pre-inspections.