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A Definitive Guide on LED Gym Lighting - Know Everything before Installation!


Gymnasiums and sports facilities have unique lighting requirements and generally opt for a decent number and types of lighting fixtures to cover up every corner. The high ceilings and the lights in the entry and exit gates can make it challenging to replace standard fluorescent lights. However, switching to new LED gymnasium lights can substantially reduce your lighting maintenance and electricity costs while ensuring long-term vibrant and bright light.

You rarely see someone talking about gymnasium lighting, including the Gym owners. But even owners sometimes need clarification on high-standard gymnasium lighting and general lighting options. We have developed this blog to inform people about such vital aspects of lighting solutions.

Since the inclusion of LED (Light Emitting Diode), the lighting industry has undergone a game-changing transformation. As a result, we now have multiple LED lighting options in different categories. But out of those various options, how will you identify the best-led gym lighting fixtures?

In this definitive guide, we'll enlighten some key prospects of various types of LED Gym lighting to help you make an informed decision. We'll also illustrate the pros and cons of each type of LED Gym lighting, so let's get started!

LED Gym Lighting - Explained!

Light-emitting diodes or LED gym lights are high-intensity lighting fixtures that combine and employ LED technology to produce definitive lights. LED gym lights have numerous types and provide adequate lights both inside and outside.

LED gymnasium lights enabled advanced features that ensure brighter and equal lights all over the space. It also saves decent energy and lasts more than traditional lights. Moreover, modern LED gym lights have different shapes and sizes that significantly improve the general appearance of the Gym. LED's are a convenient lighting option compared to traditional fluorescent lights.

Application Areas for LED Gym Lighting:

A gym has many sections, and each section's lighting requirements differ. Below are some of the key areas which demand high-end LED lighting solutions:

  • Entrance

The entrance is the most essential and visible outer section of your Gym. So compromising on lighting here is not an option, and you must opt for a well-designed, brighter lighting option to attract viewers.

  • Core Workout Rooms

The workout area is perhaps the crowdest and busiest area of a gym. Here, people use various equipment and weights to work out. The lighting should be light enough as it might reflect on the mirror and disturb them while exercising. In this space, low-range lumen lighting is ideal.

  • Cardio & Warm-up Areas

The cardio and arm-up areas must have sufficient lighting. Cardio workouts and warm-ups are essential before moving to the weights; during cardio, gymnasts tend to improve their concentration. LED Linear high bay lights, a prime choice for gym lights, would be the best choice for such areas.

  • Lockers

The locker area is where people keep their personal belongings; therefore, it needs to be well-lit, ensuring safety and comfort for gymnasts.

  • Rest Rooms & Shower Areas

People often visit the restrooms or shower areas to freshen up after a good workout session. That's why the shower areas require sufficient lighting, neither bright nor dim, to ensure flexibility.

Why should you opt to install LED Gym lighting?

Switching to LED lights would be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make for your gym spaces. Apart from safety, LED lights are blessed with many prospects, such as:

  • Brightness & Contrast

LED gym lights have higher CRI than conventional lighting fixtures; therefore, the lights emit high-quality light. The light in the core workout area must maintain the balance between brightness and contrast, as a high lumen might hurt people's eyes while working. The shower areas should stay lowkey and well-wired to avoid shocks. However, the private locker rooms must experience brighter lights to ensure high-end safety or personal belongings.

  • LED's are cost-effective

If you compare the price of traditional fluorescent light and LED light, then you will find a significant difference. But if you judge the cost through longevity, performance, and durability, LED gym lights are the best lighting option (Not including the installation and service charge).

  • LED's are Energy-efficient

Compared to other light types; LED lights save more energy which directly helps in reducing electricity bills. Also, it makes it environmentally friendly, and LED lights save 80% more energy making it a worthy lighting investment.

  • Longer-lifespan

The average lifespan of a gym light, f.e, LED linear high bay light, is 50000 - 60000, which is way higher than traditional lights 10000-150000. This equation is enough to tell you that LED lights won't ask you for frequent replacement and updates. Once installed, you can enjoy its lighting for a more extended period.

  • LED's eliminate glare

Installing LED gym lights will release your stress regarding high-volume glare due to the reflection on the shiny gym equipment and mirrors. LED gym lights also ensure uniform lighting in every corner of the gym area.

Key factors to consider before buying LED Gym Lighting fixture:

Gyms are built in various sizes in terms of structure, height, width, and types of rooms. While opting for high-quality LED gym lighting, you should consider all these factors and make the appropriate purchase accordingly. Apart from that, many other prospects are there for you to consider, including:

  • Wattage & Lumens

An LED lights wattage (watts) and lumens refer to the unit measurement for its power. Additionally, 300-530 lux is considered ideal for a typical gym. These technical prospects will help you conclude the best lighting option for your Gym space.

  • Color Temperature

The lighting does make an impact on individual performance. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), and LED's containing color temperatures between 4000K-5000K are considered perfect for gym lighting.

  • Design

Modern LED gym lights are explicitly designed the view a modern look, which enhances the overall appearance of the Gym, both inside and outside. Besides the performance and functionalities, looks are also considered a key factor when buying LED Gym lights.

  • Motion Sensor

Installing LED's Gym lights with motion sensors will be an advanced move as it will help you control your area lighting remotely. You can use a remote to ensure the correct use of those lights at a distance, saving its overuse. As a result, you will save energy while reducing your electricity bill.

How to design the LED lighting layout of your Gym space:

The layout design of your Gym should be at the top of the lighting installation bucket list as it helps uniform the right proportion of lighting fixtures.

  • Measure the Gym size

The first and most important aspect is to be clear about your gym measurement. Once you know your gym space dimensions, you can quickly enlist the number of LED lighting fixtures you will need to install. You can ask our experts to guide you on this matter. The following dimensions will help you determine the lumen correctly:

  • 33,000-lumen best fit up to 25-35 ft.
  • 16,000-20,000 Lumens best fit up to 15-25 ft.
  • 10,000-15,000 Lumens best fit up to 12-15 ft.

Ensure the lights are correctly installed where it equally distributes the light and provides a good lighting experience to fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

  • Count the exact number of lighting requirements

You must be precise about your lighting arrangements, which must be according to your space. Any miss judgment will go in vain. The number of lights you install in your gym space depends on the room size and your lighting requirements.

  • Choose the LED mounts

The best part of choosing LED lighting for your Gym is the various options you will get on mounting. Here, many factors will come into play, such as the application area, room size, height, etc. The most preferred LED mounts in the gyms are;

  • Eye hook mount

Here, you screw into wood or steel pipes with the support of nuts and mount it at a considerable distance.

  • Bracket

Brackets are mutually attached to a flat surface, where one side of the LED light is fastened to the installation surface while the other is screwed to the surface.

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