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What is UFO High Bay Lighting? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It.

LED UFO High Bay Light

As we know, large indoor spaces require bright and clear lighting for better functioning, and therefore, commercial property owners look for lighting options. Although there are many options available high bay lighting has become increasingly popular.

As the name suggests, high bay lighting is generally suitable to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. The high-ceiling ranges from 20 feet to 45 feet, whereas the low-bay lights are used for ceilings 20 feet and under. A high-ceiling location has more space area, and therefore it requires a high bay lighting solution to light up the whole area.

UFO High bay lights are an excellent solution for commercial and industrial uses. Property owners generally go with these lighting solutions because of the various features and benefits they have. These lights are great for illuminating storage facilities and warehouses as well.

These high-power LED UFO high bay lights can also be used for other large spaces such as conference halls, event centers, marriage halls, or any other place having a high ceiling of 20 feet or above.

Proper lighting works as a mood buster and creates positive vibes in the environment than the dim lighting. Bright light also boosts the productivity of the employees working there and creates a positive aura, and therefore, high-bay is an excellent solution.

What are some of the notable benefits of using high bay lights for large spaces?

There are several benefits of using high bay lighting in various places having large areas. Let’s see what these benefits are

  • One of the benefits is that it provides clear, uniform lighting with little glare. These lights have different reflectors that can accomplish different kinds of illumination tasks. The aluminum reflectors make the light flow directly to the floor, and therefore, the whole area gets lit up.

  • The high bay lighting is long-lasting and highly durable. The DLC Premium 200W LED UFO high bay Factory light requires little maintenance and is almost damage-proof.

  • These lights are known for their property of energy saving. Energy saving is the number one factor for business people and property owners when they think of their properties' lighting. LED high bay lights fulfill this purpose of saving energy.

  • The lifespan of these lights is one of its most beneficial features. UFO High bay LED lights are fast, and on average, run at least ten times longer than the other lights such as CFL and fluorescent lights. These lights also don’t emit any heat and, therefore, do not harm the environment.

  • With an LED high bay lighting solution, there will be no flickering or gradual warm-up. No matter how many times you turn on the light, there won’t be any flickering or variation in the light.

  • There are several fixtures available for these lights. Having various fixtures means you will have to do some research and choose the best for your property.

UFO High bay lighting choices can increase the safety of the place and also maximize energy efficiency. It also boosts productivity because of the durability and long span of these lights.

These were some of the benefits that make high bay lighting an appropriate choice for lighting up large spaces having high ceilings. Many property owners have used these lights till now because of their even distribution of lights with less light distortion. This lighting is more efficient and powerful than other lighting, making it a smart choice for many.


There are many high bay lighting providers, but you have to choose smartly. Not every provider has the best quality of LED lights. For the best high bay lighting solutions, reach out to Rayz Lighting INC, a commercial lighting solutions provider. We have highly efficient and powerful lighting solutions that will brighten your commercial spaces with clear light and a safe environment.

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